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Welcome Parents and Guardians
     Today you are about to enroll your child in a Training Hall that engages in teaching the Martial Art of Karate Do. The Training Hall is called a DoJo. When a new member enters the DoJo, it is like entering a new world. Since the training of Martial Arts requires high competitive spirit in addition to physical contact, the discipline is very strict. This is administered for several reasons:

1. Instant obedience must be maintained in order to avoid physical injuries.
2. It is the nature of Karate to eliminate the ego in order to discover weaknesses in the self.
3. It is necessary to establish respect for authority first, so that other students may study the art without unnecessary disruptions caused by unruly students.
4. It guarantees that the stronger student does not take advantage of the weaker one.
5. It establishes a relationship between older students, new students, instructors and teachers, which allows for maximum instruction with a minimum waste of time.
6. It enables the instructor to teach large groups repetitive exercises, achieving the full potential from every student.

     Therein lies the adaptability of this truly amazing Martial Art.

     The student is taught that this is a Training Hall; a sacred temple of learning. It is here that mistakes will be made. It is here that we test ourselves for the greatest competition of all...the task not of conquering opponents, but conquering ourselves. It is our task to overcome our own weaknesses - first by recognizing these weaknesses, then by overcoming each one. Only then do we strengthen the whole self.

     It is the goal of Karate to instruct each individual that the joy of victory is only the result of hard work and dedication. It is also the ability to live with and accept defeat, knowing that defeat is only temporary. It is the iron will of training that enables the defeated to rise to victory the next time, for victory is only breaking the barriers which each of us set in our own minds. These barriers are set by our ego to protect itself from embarrassment - i.e.: "I can't do that. It's too hard. I don't think I can do it."

     Karate training does not allow these barriers to remain for any length of time. It is the aim of Karate to eliminate the ego and, in doing so, destroy the barriers of defeat.

     As your child undergoes training here, there will be many things said and done which you will not understand. It is not necessary for you to understand each technique or philosophy behind this most unusual art. We feel, however, that you should know the end result, which all teachers of the Martial Arts strive for, and some methods used by us to achieve particular results.

     The teaching of the Martial Art of Karate Do is a preparation for life - not life as we would like it to be - but life as it really exists. As parents, we would like to shelter our children from all hardships in life - both mental and physical. While this approach is understandable, it is not always the best approach. If the parent is 100% successful in this pursuit, the child becomes a defenseless adult, unable to cope with the pressures of life and unaccustomed to receiving the physical and verbal confrontation that occurs every day.

     It is the duty of Karate and the instructor to develop each student to achieve their highest potential. Although Karate techniques are taught the same way to every individual, the concepts of application both physically and psychologically differ with each student's ability to perform and understand.

     In all, Karate training is life in microcosm. It is presented in a unique way, which is only clearly recognizable by serious students of the Martial Arts. It progresses from elementary self-defense to the highest forms of consciousness, rising to deepest philosophy. It develops the total being, forcing the mind and body to take one step beyond, and, in doing so, conquers that which we call fortune and circumstance.

     It is our belief that the country rises and falls on its youth. We feel that training in this Martial Art will develop superior human beings - people who can cope with life and with themselves, individuals who can walk without psychological crutches, people who have suffered defeats and survived, those who have tasted victory and removed the humble self - perhaps the leaders of tomorrow!

     We urge all parents to exercise patience. This is not little league baseball. Every child develops at his or her own pace. It is always good to encourage your child. However, you will be going against the basic teaching principles of the system if you apply too much pressure to excel. Some students develop later in their training. Remember, comets cast a very bright light in the sky, but only for a short length of time... and time is all they need to develop into shining stars.