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Bulletin #1

By Sensei George Smith

Dear Parents and Friends:

Did you know that statistics reveal thousands of children living in Staten Island are being bullied and inevitably live in fear? No one can tell you this better than a child that is living in fear. It is a horrible way to live and I am aware of this.

Over the past 45 years, many children have come to me and have told me about being bullied. I have been teaching children how not to be bullied. When your child trains with me, they will not be bullied anymore. This is a promise from me to you.

It is also important for parents to see to it that their youngsters are provided with a proper understanding of the need to know about violence in the real world. Never allow children to see Karate Training as a game. It could ruin them for life in the real world when they grow to adolescence.

I have over 55 years of experience in the fighting arts. You and your children are welcome in my dojo anytime. Come in and talk to me. I will help you, just like I have done for thousands of other children.

The House of Karate, since 1971

  George Smith