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Circles of Power
Sensei George Smith was born in 1938 and comes from a long family line of fighters. His grandfather was a boxer from 1906 to 1911. His grandfather would tell him stories about his father (Sensei Smith*s great grandfather) who was a bare-knuckle fighter. He would fight to earn money for his family. In those days, these fights were against the law because people would be wagering on them. The fights were, therefore, held in taverns, barns, factories and secluded areas. Sensei Smith*s father was a professional boxer from 1924 to 1937. He was ranked #1 in the world. In 1937, Sensei Smith*s father was scheduled to fight in Virginia. The evening prior to the fight, the hotel he was staying in went on fire. In order to save his life, he jumped out of a third story window and had serious head injuries, which resulted in a series of operations on his head. This inevitably ended his boxing career.

From 1949 to 1960, Sensei Smith*s father trained him to box. His father had a gym in the basement of their home. They would train in the basement during the winter months and train in the backyard during the summer months. Sensei Smith trained faithfully every day for 11 years with his father.

In the mid 60*s, Sensei Smith began his training in Martial Arts. His first teacher was Grand Master Pete Sirangano, Sr. The style was Go Shin Do Kempo Karate and Hakkoryu Ju-Jitsu. During this time, while studying with Master Siragano, Sensei Smith also studied with Grand Master, Frank Ruiz, who is the founder of Nisei GoJu. This took place in Master Siragano*s Do Jo. Also, during this time period, Sensei Smith also studied with Professor Mahata, whose style was Hakkoryu Ju-Jitsu. Sensei Smith received his Shodan diploma from the Federation of Practicing Ju-Jutsuans Incorporated. The Chief Instructor at this time was Shihan Eizo Ninomiya and the Director was Shihan Michael DePasquale, Sr. Sensei Smith also participated in tournaments held in Manhattan during the 60's. In 1972, Sensei Smith began his training with Grand Master Joseph LaMonte . The style was Go Ju Ryu Karate. Sensei Smith also studied in Okinawa under Eiichi Miyazato Sensei. From 1970 to present, Sensei Smith has also kept his relationship as a student of Grand Master Joseph Lamonte, who taught Japanese Go Ju Ryu under Grand Master Peter Urban. Sensei Smith has 40 years in Karate. In 1999, he was appointed by Eiichi Miyazato Sensei from Okinawa, Japan, as the Chief Instructor for the New York City's five boroughs for Traditional Go Ju Ryu Karate.

Sensei Smith opened the doors of the House of Karate Do Jo on April 1, 1970. The school is still at the same location. (3978 Amboy Road, Staten Island, New York * Web site: www.THE HOUSE OF KARATE.COM).

Sensei Smith has worked as a professional celebrity bodyguard for 35 years. Today he teaches his students at the House of Karate on Staten Island. He holds the rank of 7th Dan under Eiichi Miyazato Sensei; 9th Dan in Go Ju Ryu Karate under Grand Master Joseph LaMonte.

In 1993, Sensei Smith was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He received awards for Instructor of the Year and School of the Year. In 1999, Sensei Smith was also inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame * receiving the Golden Life Achievement Award in Martial Arts.

Sensei Smith considers himself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study under these great Masters. He will carry each and everyone of these Masters in his heart forever.