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Monday: 5:30pm to 6:20pm    Friday: 5:30pm to 6:20pm 

For over forty years we have been teaching our young students how to avoid being bullied. Through training they become stronger and build self-confidence which deters them from being a target. Bullies go after the easy target and our students are not easy targets!
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Our Peewee program is designed to give our young students three things: balance, coordination, and focus, all while teaching the basics of traditional martial arts. We instill a sense of awareness about strangers and how to avoid dangerous situations. Through the use of our climbing wall, rope climbing and monkey bars, students build strength naturally while having fun.

Peewees are introduced to basic kata and are shown age appropriate fighting and escape techniques that work. We teach our students to be street smart. Through the use of protective gear and supervision, safe sparring gives the student confidence to stand up for themselves. We invite you to come and try with no obligation.

Peewees practice balance coordination and focus!
Rope climbing strenghtens while being safe and fun.